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For many of us, retirement will look totally different this year and beyond than it was in decades ago. Due to the severe economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people tend to retire early even with less savings than they may need to fulfill their post-retirement needs. Whether you have developed a retirement plan or not, this might be the right time to create one or review an existing one to live a great living standard. Apart from your current financial situation, the retirement principles will remain the same but you may need to make some lifestyle changes to achieve your retirement goals.

Here are some tips to help you tune up your retirement planning in the new year.

Start Saving for Retirement as soon as possible

To build a hefty retirement fund, you should start saving as soon as possible even in your early 20s. If there is an employer-funded retirement plan, become a part of that plan or invest in a 401(k) plan to start saving for post-retirement life. Early savings helps you maintain a modest lifestyle and save more to get prepared for retirement life. This also enables you to retire early if you want.


Pay off Your Debt Immediately

Working life is the best time to pay off your debts and save money for future goals. And if you are about to retire within the next 1 year or so, debt elimination should be one of your core priorities. Be it a mortgage, personal loan, credit card balance or any other loan, you should create a debt repayment plan to become debt-free as soon as possible. If there are credit card balances that you need to pay off, you can transfer them to a new balance transfer credit card that comes with 0% intro APR. This is the best way to consolidate your credit card debts in the best way possible. However, you should choose the best credit card for balance transfer transactions that offers 12 to 21 months 0% APR duration.

Determine Retirement Spending Needs

Having genuine expectations regarding your post-retirement spending needs and habits can help you define the amount you need to fulfill your financial needs after quitting your job. Just relaying on a percentage or rough figure is often proven impractical. This is the reason, determine your retirement spending needs ahead of time to see how much your retirement savings must contain to maintain a standard living style. If there is a vacation plan or any other bucket list goals, list them down as well to find out an exact figure. This will help you create a better financial plan for your retirement life.

Start Practicing Retirement Spending

Once your retirement spending needs and habits are determined successfully, it is great to create a spending plan around those habits and needs. Make necessary adjustments and lifestyle changes as needed to achieve desired goals. Having an idea about what life will cost during the early years of retirement can also help you adjust your spending habits to stay on top of things.

Invest in the Right type of Insurance

Investing in insurance plans is the best way to protect yourself from unplanned financial damages and losses. Insurance protects your family from financial issues and problems even when you are no more. For instance, buying a funeral insurance plan can help your family to pay for funeral costs without bearing a financial burden. And life insurance can replace your income after your death. Similarly, you can buy disability insurance to protect your ability of income-earning in case of a serious or permanent disability. So, assess your insurance needs and buy the right insurance plans for greater financial protection and peace of mind.

Consider a Part-Time Job

If you are about to quit your full-time job to enjoy the retirement phase of life, you should opt for a part-time job to get some additional income for every money. You can use this money to boost retirement funds or to meet your other financial needs like debt repayment or for a big-ticket purchase. In this digital era of life, you can become a freelancer or a virtual assistant to offer freelance or remote work services from the comfort of your home.


While retirement plans vary, considering above mentioned financial tips for retirement can help you achieve your retirement goals effectively. One should also seek retirement advice from people who have been there and enjoying great retirement life.

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