Lesnar Returns, Belair Defends Title


Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com live WWE “Raw” viewing party. Tonight’s show is broadcasting live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

As of Monday evening, two matches were announced for tonight’s show.

  • “Raw” Women’s Championship Match: Carmella vs. Bianca Belair (c)
  • Rey Mysterio vs. Finn Balor

WWE is also promoting Brock Lesnar’s return to “Raw” tonight.


WWE had also been promoting Riddle vs. Theory and Bobby Lashley holding a United States Championship open challenge. However, as of Monday evening, those segments are no longer listed on the WWE website.

Our live coverage will begin at 8 PM ET.

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We’re on the air! Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves are on commentary.

We open with a clip from last Friday’s “SmackDown” when the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns addressed fans.

We go live into the arena and Brock Lesnar makes his entrance.

Lesnar steps into the ring and takes a microphone. Brock says, “God bless Texas” for a big pop. He sets down his hat in a show of respect to the fans.

Lesnar says life is good for Roman Reigns. Since WrestleMania has been living “high on the hog”, flying private jets and eating like a king. Lesnar says pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Lesnar says Reigns is a hog and Brock says he slaughters hogs on his farm every single day.

Lesnar calls Reigns the “Tribal Hog” and says he’ll get a “country s–t-kicking” the likes of which he’s never seen.

Paul Heyman interrupts and walks out on stage.

Heyman soaks in some boos and Lesnar calls him a hog. Fans chant, “You suck”. Heyman says despite their differences Lesnar does not suck.

Heyman starts to talk and Lesnar interrupts him and asks if he’s going to say something worthwhile.

Heyman says they’ve gone from the stupendous WrestleMania of all time to the most barbaric SummerSlam of all time and that plays right into Lesnar’s hands. Heyman says Lesnar is the odds-on favorite at SummerSlam because Reigns defines his greatness via athletic competition. However, Lesnar’s legacy is annihilating people. At one point they cut to a shot of The Usos watching a monitor backstage.

Heyman says Lesnar doesn’t care if he sends Reigns to a hospital or a morgue. Heyman says Lesnar isn’t a man, he’s a beast.

Heyman says he’ll give Lesnar his word and we’re approaching 700 days with Reigns as champion. Heyman that is one streak Lesnar won’t conquer. Heyman says he’ll have Reigns trained and ready to put Lesnar down at SummerSlam. Heyman he’ll have Reigns reach his hand up Lesnar’s ass and rip his heart out if that’s what it takes.

Lesnar starts to respond but he’s interrupted by Theory, who enters and steps up onto the elevated interview platform on the entrance stage. Theory says SummerSlam will be a great night because he’s going to win back his United States Championship and then watch the main event. And after it’s over, Theory says he’ll cash in and put a foot on either Reigns or Lesnar’s chest and become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Lesnar invites him to fight him in the ring right now. Theory ignores that. Theory says he has some footage from Elimination Chamber that shows that Lesnar doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

They run the clip of Lesnar hitting Theory with an F5 from the top of one of the pods inside the Elimination Chamber. They cut away to black to avoid showing the impact of Theory’s body hitting the steel floor around the ring.

Theory says that could be Reigns at SummerSlam. Theory says he showed that to remind Lesnar that he didn’t forget what he did.

Alpha Academy strolls out to ringside. Lesnar says all the cockroaches come out when Lesnar comes to town. Lesnar takes off his vest. Otis gets into the ring. Gable attacks from behind with a chop block. Lesnar shakes it off and cleans house on Alpha Academy.

Lesnar goes outside the ring and gets the top section of the steel ring steps and hits Gable and Otis multiple times. Lesnar tosses the steps back into the ring. He goes to the timekeeper’s area and gets a steel chair. Lesnar hammers Gable and Otis with the chair. Lesnar picks up Otis and hits him with an F5 through the announce table.

Lesnar gets back his cowboy hat and poses in the ring.

The commentary team hypes up Theory and Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley and Riddle for later tonight. Plus, Bianca Belair defends the “Raw” Women’s Championship against Carmella.

Back in the arena, Rey Mysterio makes his entrance. He’ll face Finn Balor next. But first, we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Finn Balor makes his entrance. We get a clip from last Monday when Rey used the “Eddie Guerrero maneuver” to get a disqualification win over Balor. Balor and Priest beat up The Mysterios backstage later. Graves says The Judgment Day’s motives “are still unclear”.

Priest gets a microphone and orders the crowd to “all rise” and show them respect. Priest says what happened last week was justice. Priest points out that Rey will soon be celebrating 20 years since he arrived in WWE so “you’re washed. It’s over”. Priest says Rey has nothing more to offer Dominik, but The Judgment Day has something more to offer. Priest says they will decide the future of this business and he says Dominik is welcome to join them.

Balor says Dominik needs to see things their way. Balor says Edge was a legend just like Rey. He tosses to the clip from last month when The Judgment Day violently booted Edge from the group.

Balor says Edge is gone and not coming back because he was a bad leader. Balor says Rey is a bad father. Rey punches Balor and he and Dominik clear the ring.

Rey Mysterio will face Balor next. But first, we go to a commercial break.

Finn Balor (with Damian Priest) vs. Rey Mysterio (with Dominik Mysterio)

Back from the break, the match is underway. Rey starts to rally with a head-scissor takedown that sends Balor to the floor. Rey follows with a slingshot crossbody from the ring onto Balor on the floor. Rey rolls Balor back into the ring but walks into a backbreaker for a 2-count.

Balor pounds on Rey’s lower back and locks on a variation of a camel clutch. Balor drops an elbow on Rey’s back for a 2-count.

Balor leans Rey in the corner and drives his shoulder into Rey’s back. He pulls him back to the center of the ring and covers him for another 2-count.

Balor puts Rey in a chinlock. Rey fights to his feet and elbows out of it. Balor stalls his momentum and hits a vertical suplex. Balor teases the Three Amigos but stops and one suplex and slams Rey to the mat.

Rey rolls to the apron and stops Balor from slamming his head into the ring post. Rey climbs to the top turnbuckle but Balor cuts him off and Rey injures his knee coming down. Balor pounds on Rey’s knee and he rolls out to the floor. Balor goes out to roll Rey back into the ring but Rey cuts off Balor trying to get back in the ring. Rey slides headfirst under the bottom rope and catches Balor with a Code Red into the barricade.

We go to the commercial break.

Back from the break, Rey hits a top rope hurricanrana on Balor for a 2-count.

Rey hits an enziguiri and Balor’s falls on the middle rope. Rey hits the 619 and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Rey misses the frog splash but Rey grabs a crucifix pin for another near fall.

Rey rolls to the apron. He swings over but Balor catches him with a slam for a 2-count. Balor hits his reverse DDT. Balor goes to the top rope and hits the Coup De Grace for the pin.

Finn Balor defeated Damian Priest via pinfall

Dominik checks on his father while Balor and Priest keep motioning at him.

Commentary again hypes the Belair/Carmella title match for later tonight.

Back in the arena, Becky Lynch makes her entrance. The title match is next. But first, we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Lynch is standing on the announce table with a microphone. She says she was devastated when she didn’t win Money in the Bank. But then Lynch realized cashing in like Liv Morgan is like winning the lottery and Lynch doesn’t need to win the lottery. Lynch says she then beat Asuka last Monday and that should’ve earned her a title match but instead Carmella gets it. Lynch says she should’ve gotten a rematch the night after WrestleMania but she’s being forced to jump through hoops and being denied what she deserves. Lynch demands a title match at SummerSlam and throws down the mic.

Bianca Belair makes her entrance. She and Lynch trade some trash talk while Belair is in the ring and Lynch is on the floor.

Carmella makes her entrance. We get the clip of Belair decisively beating Carmella at Money in the Bank and Carmella attacking Belair after the match.

“Raw” Women’s Championship Match: Carmella vs. Bianca Belair (c)

Carmella charges at the bell and gets caught and driven into the corner by Belair. Belair whips Carmella into the opposite corner but charges into a boot. Carmella trash talks Belair and then runs into a shoulder tackle.

Carmella rolls out to the floor. Belair goes out after her and slams her head on the announce table. Belair and Lynch start jawing at each other and we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Carmella has Belair grounded with a chin lock. Belair fights to her feet. Carmella tries a head-scissor but Belair overpowers her and hits a backbreaker.

Carmella catches Belair in a triangle choke over the top rope. Carmella hits a cross body from the top turnbuckle for a 2-count. Carmella tries a roll-up for another 2-count.

Carmella kicks Belair in the back of the head and Belair’s face hits the bottom turnbuckle. Carmella climbs to the top turnbuckle again. This time Belair catches the cross body and powers Carmella up into a delayed vertical suplex.

Belair runs Carmella into the turnbuckles and stomps on her. Belair goes for a Glam Slam but Carmella reverses into a rollup for a 2-count. Belair battles back and finally gets the Glam Slam for a 2-count. Carmella recovers to hit a superkick for a 2-count.

Carmella tries another superkick. Belair catches it and puts Carmella in powerbomb position. She alley-oops Carmella into the top turnbuckle. Belair goes for the KOD but Carmella hooks the top rope to block it and then flips over Belair with an X-Factor for a 2-count.

Carmella fires away on Belair with strikes in the corner. Belair fights back with her shoulders into the gut of Carmella. Carmella escapes a powerbomb but runs into a clothesline and hits a spinebuster for a 2-count.

Belair misses a charge and goes over the top rope. She trips up Carmella and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Carmella rolls away and out of the ring to escape. Belair gets and goes for a suplex but Carmella escapes. Belair pushes Carmella into the ring post. Belair rolls Carmella into the ring but Lynch comes around to distract Belair and she gets counted out.

Carmella defeated Bianca Belair via count-out

Carmella picks up the “Raw” Women’s Title after the match. Belair scoops her up and plants her with the KOD.

The commentary team sets up a clip of AJ Styles beating The Miz last Monday and then being attacked by Ciampa and Miz after the match.

In the arena, The Miz makes his entrance and waves out Ciampa to join him as they enter together. Ciampa is Miz’s guest on Miz TV next. But first, we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, we get the spooky vignette we’ve been seeing since Money in the Bank.

Back in the arena, Miz welcomes us to Miz TV and introduces Ciampa. Miz asks if he has any explanation for his actions. Ciampa says he wants the eyes of the people and no one commands more attention than The Miz. Miz plugs Miz & Mrs.

Miz says he guided “social media icon” Logan Paul to victory at WrestleMania 38. Ciampa says that’s exactly what he wants. He wants an opportunity. Miz says he handed Logan Paul an opportunity on a silver platter and then tosses to a clip of Paul once again challenging Miz to a match at SummerSlam.

Miz says he’s giving Paul one more chance to retract his statement and reform their tag team. Or he’ll find another partner in the form of Ciampa.

AJ Styles makes his entrance, microphone in hand. Styles tells Miz to “shut your mouth”. Styles says every time his back is turned one of them attacks him. Styles winds up like he’s about to mention Miz’s tiny balls but Miz cuts him off. Styles finally gets the line in and the crowd chants “tiny balls” at Miz. Styles gets into the ring and runs off Miz and Ciampa.

Ezekiel makes his entrance, microphone in hand. Zeke says he’s never had the chance to introduce himself to Styles. Zeke says Elias always talks about how phenomenal Styles is. Zeke says Elias also mentioned that The Miz has tiny balls.

Ezekiel says he talks to Adam Pearce and he agreed to make a tag team match. Zeke extends his hand to Styles. Styles shakes it. They were teasing a handicap match but now we’re getting a tag team match. But first, we go to a commercial break.

The Miz & Ciampa vs. AJ Styles & Ezekiel

The match is underway when we return from the break.

Zeke has grounded Ciampa with a chin lock. Ciampa gets to his feet and forces Zeke back into a corner and hits a big chop. Zeke reverses a whip with a mule kick out of the corner and fires away on Ciampa in the corner. Zeke runs into a boot and Miz tags in but runs into a hip toss and Styles tags in.

Styles floors Miz with a dropkick. Styles brings Miz back to his corner and tags in Ezekiel. Miz uses Zeke’s hair to get back to his corner and tags Ciampa.

Zeke hits an overhead throw but runs into a back elbow. Miz takes a cheap shot and Ciampa hits a running knee strike that sends Zeke to the floor. Ciampa rolls Zeke back into the ring but Zeke fires up so Ciampa tosses him to the floor and tags in Miz.

Miz slams Zeke’s head into the announce table as we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Miz hits a reverse neckbreaker on Zeke for a 2-count. Miz tags in Ciampa.

Ciampa stomps on Zeke and puts him in a chin lock. Zeke fights to his feet and arm drags Ciampa. Ciampa catches Zeke in a roll-up for a 2-count but Zeke is up quickly with a jumping knee and both men are down.

Zeke tags Styles. Ciampa tags Miz. Styles runs wild on Miz. Styles hits a pump handle gutbuster for a 2-count.

Styles tries a roll-up but Miz escapes and hits a DDT for a 2-count.

Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Styles reverses into an ushigoroshi. Ciampa breaks up the pin attempt.

Styles catches Miz in the Calf Crusher. Ciampa runs in to attack Styles and keeps pounding on Styles so the referee calls for the bell.

AJ Styles & Ezekiel defeated The Miz & Ciampa via disqualification

After the match, Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm over the top rope to Ciampa on the floor. Miz flees back to the stage. Commentary thinks Ciampa took the bullet for Miz.

Backstage, Riddle rolls up on Bobby Lashley. Riddle can’t wait to get his hands on Seth Rollins. Lashley feels the same way about Theory. Riddle suggests that since they have some spare time before the match maybe they can watch Stranger Things because he gets scared while watching sometimes. Lashley says he already finished Stranger Things so he’ll see Riddle later. Riddle gets in, “Remember the Alamo”.

Back in the arena, Alexa Bliss makes her entrance. Jimmy Smith says she’s “fresh out of therapy” for some reason.

We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Bliss waits in the ring. Asuka makes her entrance.

Nikki A.S.H. makes her entrance. Then, Doudrop makes her entrance.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

Asuka starts off against Nikki. Nikki takes Asuka down by the hair but a shoulder tackle doesn’t do much. Asuka catches her with some misdirection and a shoulder tackle of her own and tags in Bliss.

Bliss tries a few pinning attempts but Nikki kicks out and takes Bliss down by the hair. Bliss cuts off Nikki and hits her double knee drop but Doudrop made a blind tag and runs over Bliss.

Doudrop scoops up Bliss. Nikki tags in. Doudrop slams Bliss. Nikki covers for a 2-count.

Nikki hits a running clothesline in the corner on Bliss. Graves on commentary says Bliss lost something when she came out of therapy.

Nikki misses a charge and a double clothesline leaves both women down in the ring. They tag in their partners.

Asuka fires away on Doudrop with strikes and a Codebreaker. Doudrop whips Asuka into the corner but Asuka comes right back with a missile dropkick. Nikki tags in and runs right into a knee strike by Asuka. A sliding knee gets a 2-count.

Asuka comes off the ropes but Doudrop picks her ankle and pulls her to the floor. Doudrop misses a senton on the floor. In the ring, Bliss hits a DDT on Nikki and gets the pin.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka defeated Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H. via pinfall

Asuka and Bliss celebrate in the ring.

The commentary team shows us a video from the Usos/Street Profits tag title match at Money in the Bank.

Back in the arena, The Usos make their entrance. It’ll be Jimmy Uso vs. Angelo Dawkins next. But first, we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, The Usos are in the ring with microphones. They say they show up where they want to because they’re still the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. The Usos says the Street Profits have been whining since Money in the Bank. They don’t care who is the special guest referee at SummerSlam as long as they can count to three.

The Street Profits make their entrance just in time to cut off The Usos catchphrase, microphones in hand. Dawkins says The Usos hit them with everything at Money in the Bank but Ford’s shoulder was still up. The Profits get right up in The Usos’ faces and tell them they’re taking the tag titles at SummerSlam.

R-Truth makes his entrance. He calls San Antonio “The City of Brotherly Love”. Truth says he’s a certified divorce attorney, a marriage counselor, and a tag team counselor. The Usos tell Truth to get lost unless he has a referee shirt on. Truth says he’s also a certified referee. Truth takes off his t-shirt and he has a referee shirt on underneath. Truth auditions to be the referee at SummerSlam. Truth even practices counting someone out of the ring.

The Usos have seen enough and tell him to lose the shirt and take his “clown ass” back to the back where he belongs. Truth asks the crowd if they “want to see this clown ass fight”. Truth takes off his referee shirt. He says he’ll fight both The Usos…as long as he has the Street Profits as his partners.

Omos makes his entrance. MVP says he was watching from backstage and struck by an idea: let Omos be the special guest referee. Another idea, let Omos be part of this match tonight. The Usos like this idea. Truth and the Profits are down for a fight. Truth says “Remember the Alamo” and the fight is on. Omos sends the Profits into stereo superkicks by The Usos. The Profits and Truth are laid out. Saxton on commentary wants to know if we’re still getting a six-man tag.

We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, the bell rings. We’re told Adam Pearce made the match during the break.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos & Omos (with MVP) vs. Street Profits & R-Truth

Omos starts off dominant but quickly gets tagged out for Jey and the Profits retake the advantage with a double team. Ford covers for a 2-count.

Truth tags in but gets backed into the wrong corner and Jimmy tags in. He quickly tags in Omos and he hits a big overhand chop.

Jimmy tags in and punches Truth down in the corner and covers for a 2-count. Truth fights out of the corner but Jimmy cuts him off with a headbutt. Jimmy stomps on Truth’s hand and tags in Jey. Jey tags in Omos. The Usos try a double backdrop suplex but Truth flips out of it. The Profits hit stereo dropkicks on The Usos. The Profits and Truth manage to knock Omos off the apron with a triple dropkick. The Profits go after The Usos. Truth dives out onto Omos but gets caught and dropped on the ring apron and flattens him on the floor.

We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Omos is working over Truth. A big forearm puts Truth down to the mat. Omos knocks Dawkins off the apron. Omos whips Truth hard into The Usos’ corner. Omos poses and then chokes Truth on the middle rope. Jey tags in and Omos holds Truth for a superkick. Truth does the splits to avoid a punch and hits a back heel kick. Truth tags in Ford. Jimmy also tags in.

Ford hits a cross body on Jimmy and follows with a clothesline. Ford fires away with kicks and a big blockbuster and a standing moonsault for a 2-count.

Jimmy rolls to the floor. Ford winds up for a dive but Omos blocks his path. Omos goes to the floor and picks up Dawkins but he escapes and the Profits push Omos into the ring post.

Ford gets back into the ring and tags Dawkins. Ford holds Jimmy on his shoulders and Dawkins comes off the top with a European uppercut for a 2-count.

Jey comes in but Truth catches him with a Protobomb. Truth sets up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Omos pulls Truth out of the ring.

In the ring, Dawkins hits a twisting splash on Jimmy. Omos makes a blind tag and hits Dawkins with the tree slam and gets the pin.

Omos & The Usos defeated R-Truth & Street Profits

We get a clip from Brock Lesnar’s promo at the top of the show and his beatdown of Alpha Academy.

Backstage, Kevin Patrick interviews Seth Rollins. Rollins feels great about being in the main event tonight. Rollins says he doesn’t care about the true identity of Ezekiel after beating him last Monday. Rollins wants to know who Riddle thinks he is. Is he a savant operating on a higher level or an idiot that Randy Orton felt sorry for? Rollins says Riddle can’t hide behind Orton anymore. Rollins says when you play with fire you get burned.

Theory interrupts and asks if Rollins has any advice for cashing in Money in the Bank. Rollins says Theory came to the right place and they walk away together.

We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, we get another look at that creepy vignette. This one has some fresh material, including a Mick Foley flannel vest, “rKo” t-shirt, and John Cena hat.

At the announce table, the commentary team resets The Miz’s message for Logan Paul earlier in the show. We get a new video message from Paul. He says he and Miz are done and to make sure Miz gets the message, Paul will be on “Raw” next Monday.

Back in the arena, Bobby Lashley makes his entrance. Riddle makes his entrance. They’ll face Seth Rollins and Theory next. But first, we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Lashley and Riddle are waiting in the ring. We get a clip from Rollins’ win over Ezekiel last Monday.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance. Then, Theory makes his own entrance.

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley & Riddle vs. Seth Rollins & Theory

Theory starts off against Riddle. Theory quickly takes control and pounds Riddle down in the corner. He tags in Rollins. Rollins drops a knee on Riddle and tags Theory back in.

Theory flexes in front of Lashley. Riddle reverses a whip and kicks away at Theory in the corner. A gut wrench suplex sends Theory into Lashley’s corner. Lashley tags in but charges into a boot from Theory. Lashley catches Rollins with a DDT and Theory with a Flatliner at the same time. Lashley covers Rollins for a 2-count.

Lashley drives his shoulder into Rollins in the corner. He goes for a delayed vertical suplex but Rollins slips out the back. He lures Lashley into going over the top rope to the floor. Rollins goes for a suicide dive but Lashley catches him and runs Rollins’ head into the ring post.

Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler’s music plays. Ziggler enters wearing a suit. We go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Riddle is trying to rally against Rollins and Theory. Ziggler is sitting at ringside.

Rollins hits an inverted superplex on Riddle for a 2-count. Rollins covers him again and gets the same result.

Rollins stomps away at Riddle. Riddle fires up with slaps and strikes. Rollins cuts him off with a sleeper hold. Riddle gets to his feet and tries to push to his corner but Rollins powers him up and pushes him away. Rollins puts on a front face lock. Riddle fights for the tag again. Riddle escapes and hits his overhead kick. Theory tags in but runs right into a rear naked choke. Theory gets to his feet and falls backward to break it.

Riddle finally tags Lashley. Rollins also tags in. Lashley slams Rollins and follows with a neckbreaker. Lashley tries for a Dominator but Rollins escapes and kicks Lashley into the corner. Lashley catches Rollins and hits a powerslam. Theory breaks up the pin attempt.

Theory tries to follow up but gets a big chokeslam from Lashley. Rollins hits a forearm to the back of Lashley’s neck. Rollins hits the frog splash from the top turnbuckle for a 2-count.

Lashley tags Riddle. Theory also tags in. Riddle runs wild with a powerslam and a draping DDT. Riddle sets up for the RKO but Rollins pulls Theory out of the ring. Lashley spears Rollins through the barricade.

Theory gets back in the ring and tries for A-Town Down. Theory reverses and tries to pin Riddle with his feet on the ropes but Ziggler pushes off Theory’s feet and Riddle kicks out. Theory looks stunned at Ziggler and turns right into an RKO by Riddle and that gets the pin.

Bobby Lashley & Riddle defeated Seth Rollins & Theory via pinfall

Ziggler gets in the ring after the match and superkicks Theory.

That’s our show!

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