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Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus w/Crazzy Steve 

The two men get started immediately with a huge chop from Black Taurus, and as Laredo Kid tries to use his agility, Taurus blocks it with his power advantage. Kid then misses in the corner and that allows Taurus to attack the arm again. Kid does manage to connect with a boot in the corner though and he then flies in after, but that is followed by a big uppercut from Taurus.


Laredo looks for a cutter but that gets blocked and immediately turned into a sling blade. Taurus then charges into the corner but Laredo reverses, pushing him up to hang him on the top ropes with both legs straddling it. He follows up with a cutter from that spot, but Taurus is able to kick out.

Taurus gets Laredo up on his shoulders, but that gets reversed into a crucifix bomb, only for him to fire back by charging in with the horns to Kid’s head. Taurus charges too quick into the corner, bouncing over the turnbuckles out of the ring and Laredo follows it with a moonsault to the outside.

Back in the ring, Laredo goes for another, but this time Taurus gets the feet up to block and he follows that with a pop-up Samoan drop, but Kid kicks out of the subsequent pinfall attempt. Taurus then goes to the top rope following orders from Crazy Steve, but that backfires as Kid gets up and slaps him several times. He then looks for a Spanish Fly but Taurus gets out and slams him down to the mat from the top rope. He follows it with the Powerbull and this time gets the win.

Winner: Black Taurus

Dot Combat Impact Digital Media Championship Match – Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Myers

Brian Myers grabs the title from the referee and tries to attack Rich Swann to start this one, but he avoids it, brawls with Myers and then dives from the second turnbuckle to the outside. But while Swann is celebrating, Myers grabs a keyboard and smashes the champion with it. He then pulls out a mouse and starts to beat up Swann with that, but he takes too long to celebrate and Swann pulls the wire, sending his opponent into the ring post.

Back inside the ring, Myers grabs the stand of a camera and yanks it up the neck of Swann, and he then trips the champion, slamming him face-first to the mat. Myers pulls out a ring light and uses it to tie Swann to the top rope, leaving him defenseless against several shots, and then Myers turns up the other hand as well.

He then breaks out of the ropes and starts throwing hands at Myers, following up with a huge kick to the face, but he is able to kick out afterward. Swann then places a series of keyboards and a monitor in the corner, but Myers responds with a DDT, which gains him a near fall. Swann manages to fight back though, sending Myers into the corner of the weapons with a Death Valley Driver, but Myers kicks out again.

Swann then hits Myers with the monitor, but as he sets it between the top two turnbuckles, it allows Myers to hit a Spear, and he then sends Swann head-first through the frame of the monitor, but he only gets a near fall for that. The two men then brawl up the ramp, but as Myers sends Swann to the ropes, he hits a handspring back into the cutter on the ramp!

Swann then comes charging in and dives over the top rope, but Myers smashes him in the face with the keyboard, following up with the Roster Cut to win the title!

Winner (and new champion): Brian Myers

Chris Bey & Ace Austin vs. Motor City Machine Guns 

Alex Shelley kicks things off with Chris Bey, with the veteran using his experience early to lock in a submission. Both men then tag out and Ace Austin attacks the back of Chris Sabin, following up with a pinfall attempt. Despite that, Shelley comes in, and MCMG hit a quick double team to take control.

MCMG continue the quick tags as Sabin returns and hits several dropkicks while Shelley keeps hold of Austin. Shelley then dives in and lands directly on the ribs of Austin, but Bey comes in to help his partner, sending Sabin out of the ring. However, when he tries to skin the cat and get back in, he eats a dropkick, which is then what happens to Shelley.

Austin nails a superkick to Shelley after a cartwheel, and Bey then nails a senton off the top rope down to both of their opponents. Bullet Club hit a double team and then a Famouser, but Sheller is able to kick out.Austin then uses his playing card to try and provide a paper cut, and that sees the heels continue to stay in control.

Bey then dances around the ring before raking the back of Shelley, while Austin then does the exact same thing. Shelley needs a tag but Bey attacks Sabin, and while Shelley then breaks free there is nobody to tag. He manages to send Bey out of the ring as he then nails a suplex to Austin.

But, as the tag seems to be ready, Bey pulls Sabin away yet again, and then Austin nails a kick to the face followed by a dive in from Bey to add to the situation, yet Shelley kicks out. Shelley smartly avoids an attack from Austin though who accidentally kicks his partner and this allows Sabin to enter and nail a double clothesline.

Sabin connects with a rolling Fisherman’s Suplex to Bey, but it’s not enough to get the win.MCMG both end up getting caught by kicks from Bey, yet they end up taking Austin down to his knees, while putting Bey on top of him and as Sabin dives down with a dropkick Sheley hits a double flatliner at the same time.

The official then ends up checking on Shelley, and that opens up a chance for Bullet Club to work together hitting double teams to wear Sabin down. Shelley gets back to pull Austin away from the top rope, and he then picks up Bey, launching him off his back as Sabin hits a dropkick. Sabin then hits the Cradle Shot, but Austin pushes Shelley into them to break up the pinfall attempt.

MCMG hit double kicks to Bey both turning him inside out in the middle of the ring together, and this time they get the job done.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

– Backstage America’s Most Wanted, Good Brothers and Heath are interviewed, with Karl Anderson saying you can feel this in the air. He asks Honor No More if they know what they’ve gotten themselves into, with Luke Gallows stating they have a dream team together tonight. Storm tells them to knuckle up or shut up, as he and Harris came in together and they will go out the same way. Harris says he wouldn’t have it any other way than standing with these men, he says Honor No More are on trial tonight, and they find them guilty.

Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mickie James & Mia Yim

This one starts out with all four women brawling as Mia Yim runs and leaps off Mickie James’ back in order to hit a cannonball in the corner. They then dive outside of the ring to keep the attack going, and then the match gets going to start this one. Deonna Purrazzo managed to take down Yim, and Chelsea Green dives in to hit a quick low dropkick.

The heels abuse the rules in order to get some cheap shots in, but Yim then begins to fight out of the corner, eventually nailing a double dropkick for the tag. James charges in to attack both women, nailing Deonna with several clotheslines. The heels turn things around again though by using the numbers game, with Green hitting a stomp to James despite not being legal.

Purrazzo then continues attacking James, slamming her down to the mat with her hair, and she then punches Yim off the ring apron as well. Green tags in to boot James in the face, but she reverses the pinfall attempt with one of her own, only for Green to shut her down with a clothesline.

Purrazzo comes back in, stomping James down to the mat as she continues to try and fight for a tag. Mickie finally gets close, but Purrazzo knocks Yim off the ropes, only for James to avoid her next attack as Purrazzo charges into the post. Yim then tags in and comes charging into the ring with dropkicks that send Green into the corner.

She follows that with a big running boot and then a modified DDT, but Purrazzo breaks up the tag only for James to dive from the top rope in order to take her out. Green reverses Eat Defeat and then goes for a suplex into a bridge, but Yim kicks out and brings in James. The two women look to dive from the top rope but Deonna shoves Yim and then they hit a huge double team to James, with Purrazzo slamming her down into a backstabber.

Winners: Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo

X-Division Championship Match – Mike ‘Speedball’ Bailey (c) vs. Trey Miguel

The two men waste zero time picking up the pace, with both of them flying out of the ring up the ramp. When they get back to the ring, Mike Bailey sends Miguel out of the ring again and dives to land on him, but when they get into the ring Miguel attacks the knee of the champion. He then continues to target that area with a submission, following up with several elbow strikes to the area.

The champion responds with a dragon screw, and he begins to work on the legs of Miguel, locking in a submission afterward until a rope break. Bailey then starts unloading some huge kicks, which hurts the leg, and as he goes for a high-risk move from standing he misses and hurts his leg further. Miguel then ends up in the same position, attacking with strikes only to injure his leg as well.

Bailey then goes for another standing aerial attack, but Miguel blocks it with his legs, which continues to hurt both men and their injured areas. They then go back and forth with some kicks to each other, both continuing to hurt their injured legs as they target that area. Miguel then nails a dragon screw, following it with several slaps to the face and then a great backheel kick, but Bailey rolls through the sunset flip in order to boot him in the face.

Bailey once again goes for his standing flip, dropping his knees down onto Miguel’s back this time. Miguel then catches Bailey’s next attempted kick and after a pinfall attempt he follows up with a brainbuster, leaving the champion laying. The challenger looks for a Meteora, but Bailey moves which continues to play damage onto Miguel’s knee as he smashes into the canvas. As Bailey stands on the ring apron though, Miguel leaps over the top rope and connects with an incredible hurricarana, sending the champion to the floor!

They stumble to their feet and fight on the ring apron once again, and Bailey yet again flips and drops his knees onto Miguel, this time on the apron. He then spins his way to the corner in order to nail a boot to the face, but his top rope attack after misses, and then Miguel hits the Meteroa, only to get a two count!

Bailey tries to climb the ropes but Miguel swipes his legs, taking Bailey down, but he plays possum and kicks the knees away from Miguel on the top rope as he then lifts Miguel and drops him in the middle of the ring with the Flamingo Driver to retain after a brilliant match.

Winner (and still champion): Mike ‘Speedball’ Bailey

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match – Taya Valkyrie (c) & Rosemary (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood & Gisele Shaw w/Madison Rayne 

Taya Valkyrie starts out in control of this one, taking down Gisele Shaw, but she misses wildly in the corner and Shaw takes a shot at Rosemary for good measure. However, they get to make the tag as Taya slides under the ring, hitting a suplex at the same time and Rosemary begins her attack.

Shaw rakes the eye though and that allows Tenille Dashwood to come in, only to be dropped with a sidewalk slam. Valkyrie comes in but so does Shaw and she connects with a swinging neckbreaker, picking up a near fall. The champion misses with a splash in the corner as Tenille gets back involved, pulling on the neck of Taya across the top rope.

Shaw heads back in and she nails a couple of running uppercuts in the corner, but once again that only brings a near fall. She looks for a tornado DDT but it’s blocked and Taya turns it into a suplex, providing a much-needed break for her. Rosemary gets back involved, hitting Tenille with an exploder suplex.

Dashwood then eats an elbow as she then connects the Upside Down submission on the ropes. As the official checks on Dashwood, Shaw gets involved and pushes Rosemary down, allowing Tenille to hit a crossbody in the corner. She then distracts the official again and this time Shaw dives down from the top rope, which gets a near fall for Dashwood.

Rosemary connects with a jawbreaker and tags out as the champions hit a great double team only for Shaw to break things up just in time. With the official distracted yet again, Madison Rayne pulls the legs of Taya and the challengers look for a double team. However, Shaw isn’t ready and this allows Rosemary to send her out of the ring as Taya goes for the roll-up to steal the win.

Winners (and still Knockouts Tag Team Championships): Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary

– After the match, Rayne gets involved and the three women attack the champions, leaving them in the ring.  As they head to the back, Masa Slamovich appears and hands Dashwood a picture, letting people know she’s coming for her.

– Mike Bailey is interviewed backstage and says he wants the kind of challenge he got tonight, he will fight anybody and that stars this Thursday.

Honor No More vs. American’s Most Wanted, The Good Brothers, & Heath 

Eddie Edwards starts out with Karl Anderson, with the Honor No More star attacking him in the corner and then nailing a shoulder tackle. They then go back and forth exchanging hands as The Good Brothers go for a double shoulder tackle as Big LG starts throwing hands in the corner.

While Matt Taven tags in, the duo continues to dominate as they bring Heath into this one who comes in with a big splash in the corner to Taven. Heath hammers down with 10 punches in the corner, but Taven then charges him to his corner and follows it with a swinging neck breaker.

Mike Bennett attacks him as Taven hits a dropkick from the top rope, and Bennett then begins attacking Heath in the corner as Kenny King enters the fray. He keeps the control going until Edwards tags back in, keeping his group in the driving seat. Heath tries to fight out though and he gets that moment with a powerslam.

This allows Storm to tag in who begins clearing house, taking down Edwards and Kenny as Chris Harris tags in, and American’s Most wanted work together to wipe out all of their opponents. Harris brings Storm back in, but PCO dags him out and launches him across the floor as Honor No More then levels everyone on the ringside area with punches.

PCO tags in and charges into the corner to slam Storm, and he drops the Cowboy and then looks to head to the top rope, but Taven tags himself in, and then misses with a Frog Splash take place. Storm hits Edwards with a suplex and as Storm looks to tag out, PCO knocks off all of his partners. PCO launches them to the floor again, and he looks for a suicide dive but Edwards tags him out, much to the frustration of the fans.

Edwards and Storm then hit a double clothesline as King comes back in, and yet again Honor No More knock all of their opponents off the ring apron, leaving Storm alone. Storm avoids King’s kick though and connects with a backstabber, and he crawls to tag in Harris. The veteran hits a huge diving clothesline and then a stalling suplex to King.

Benett breaks things up and then several wrestlers all take each other down one by one with spinebusters. Storm then tags in and America’s Most Wanter want their finisher until Taven hits a springboard kick to Storm on the top rope. All of the wrestler then get involved and take each other down one by one, dumping people to the outside.

In the end, it’s down to King and Storm, and the Honor No More star wins out with a blockbuster. He then tells OC to go high risk, which he obliges with, PCO then dives to the outside but there’s a botch here as he lands on the top rope and then falls on them. Back in the ring, Storm and Harris are left alone and the legendary team connects with Death Sentence.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted, Heath, & The Good Brothers

– Raven is shown in a vignette talking about the Clockwork Orange House Of Fun match.

Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match – Sami Callihan vs. Moose

Before the match begins Raven is shown entering the building as he is going to be on commentary here. Moose then appears while Sami Callihan is in the ring, jumping him immediately with a Spear, and he follows it up with an attack from a chair. He keeps that going with a big boot on the outside as he then gets a trash can lid, attacking him several times.

But as he goes for another shot, Sami throws him over the top rope and Moose crashes through a table that was bridged between the ring and the barrier. Callihan then sets up a door in one corner and a steel guard rail in another. Back in the ring Moose looks to take control but Callihan takes a low blow and then sends Moose through the steel chain link panel with a death valley driver!

Callihan opts for a sale sign next, slamming it into the face of Moose, but he responds by smashing a bottle across his head. Moose then gets a piece of the glass and drags it across the face of Sami, cutting him open. Moose then sets up a door as a bridge on two chairs, creating his own table, but as they get to the top turnbuckle, Sami bites his head!

Moose doesn’t take kindly to that, and he hits a Chokebomb off the top rope, slamming Sami through the door. The two men then get half a door each and just go back and forth smashing each other over their heads, with neither man being a winner here. Callihan attempts to make the next move, but Moose shoots Sami in the foot with a staple gun.

He follows that up with another shot, this time to the head, but while he celebrates that, Sami powerbomb him through two chairs! Callihan then gets his hands on the gun, and he shoots Moose down below! Both men then open a box of fun each, with Moose’s having tons of LEGO which he pours out, while Sami’s has broken glass!

They then go back and forth with big slaps as Moose hits two big pump kicks, but he then misses with one as Sami throws LEGO in his face and then drops Moose headfirst into the painful toys. Callihan then gets the class and cuts himself with it, before dropping Moose down onto the shards of broken glass.

Callihan then gets a barbed wire baseball bat, but a cameraman then gets into the ring and hits a low blow..It’s Steve Maclin! He then nails Sami in the head with the barbed wire bat. Moose takes advantage by hitting a Spear and getting the victory.

Winner: Moose

– Heath is asked about the win backstage, but he says that isn’t retribution. They took out his best friend, they tried to do it to him, and Heath says people will see retribution and he will take them all out until he has the snake by its head and he cuts it off.

Knockouts Championship Match – Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans

Tasha Steelz goes for a chop block before the bell even rings and she begins attacking the leg of the champion immediately after the bell rings. Jordynne Grace then shows her power, shoving the challenger away, and then plants Steelz down with a double stomp which she follows by launching out of the ring to attack Savannah Evans.

Despite that, she gets involved soon after when the official isn’t looking, rapping the injured leg around the ring post. Steelz takes advantage of that, focusing on the leg again, pushing it down onto the bottom rope with extra pressure. She hangs the leg on the second rope, but then the champion manages to get hold of her opponent, hitting a knee strike.

The two women go back and forth with punches, but Grace uses her power advantage to powerslam Steelz a couple of times before delivering a huge slap to the face. She follows it with a torture rack and then driving her into the mat, which gets a near fall. Steelz then attempts a Code Red but she gets pushed away, only to bounce back with an immediate dropkick to the knee and then Sliced Bread, which gets a near fall!

Steelz wastes no motion, going straight into a single-legged crab, but Grace fights her way out and then locks in a sleeper as she tries to gain a submission win, but the challenger fights out of it. Grace slaps Steelz and then nails a Muscle Buster, but Evans distracts the official so the count doesn’t happen.

Steelz takes advantage of that by hitting a cutter! She then heads to the top rope only to be slapped in the face as Grace joins her and she hits a stalling superplex. Grace then sends Steelz into Evans after she tries to be a distraction, and Grace then hits the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner (and still champion): Jordynne Grace

Impact World Championship Match – Josh Alexander (c) vs. Joe Doering w/ Cody Deaner

Joe Doering starts out dominantly, with Josh Alexander not being able to make any impact on him with his offensive attempts until Doering just dumps him outside of the ring. The challenger then opts to leave his feet with a crossbody attempt but misses, and Alexander then sends him flying to the floor.

But Doering doesn’t stay down for long as he gets up and nails a huge clothesline, charging the champion into the ring apron straight after. Back in the ring he continues the domination, hitting an elbow drop for good measure. The champion tries to rally with a few chops, but with just one from Doering the champion is dropped to the mat.

The champion does hit a couple of boots in the corner, but Deaner ends up grabbing the boot which allows Doering to attack again with a clothesline and then another elbow drop, this time from the bottom rope for extra height. Alexander does finally take down the bigger man though with a knee attack, and he then begins to connect with several forearm strikes.

He then uses the momentum off the ropes to hit a German suplex, but he shows even more strength to connect with a Northern Lights suplex, but Doering kicks out of the pin attempt. He then goes for an ankle lock, but Doering gets him out of that easily and the two end up brawling on the ring apron until Doering clotheslines Alexander back in.

Somehow Alexander connects with a suplerplex from the top rope, and he follows that by taking out Deaner to try level things up. But that distraction gives Doering time to recover, and he hits yet another elbow drop. The champion keeps fighting though, hitting a trio of German suplexes to show his fighting spirit!

Alexander looks for some clotheslines but they make no impact as Doering then hits a flying crossbody and the chain of sorrow, but Alexander kicks out in time. He looks for the Revolution Bomb, but Alexander gets out and into the Ankle Lock once again, but somehow Doering stands up out of it and nails a clubbing lariat, but Alexander kicks out!

Once again Alexander escapes the Revolution Bomb, but he is dropped with another lariat, but the champion then manages to pull together plenty of strength to hit the C4 Spike to retain his title and end Doering’s undefeated run!

Winner (and still champion): Josh Alexander

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