Homeowners insurance policies refusal to reimburse class action lawsuit investigation


Homeowners insurance policies that refuse to reimburse: who’s affected?

Was your home damaged by trees, wind damage or floods from a natural disaster, but your homeowner’s policy refused to pay for repairs or low-balled the damage estimate? You might need an attorney to fight for your maximum claim.

Tornadoes, strong wind storms or prolonged rainstorms can damage homes and property considerably. Whether it is tree damage, wind damage or floods, storms and natural disasters can cause families and individuals to face emergency shelter decisions and put them at odds with their insurance company.

Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses. Their margins are primarily determined by how much they collect in premiums and deductibles v. how much they pay out in claims. While insurance companies may say in commercials that you’re in good hands, that you’re like a neighbor or that they provide good customer service, it is in insurance companies’ financial interests to deny or lowball claims when they can. 


Filing an insurance claim for hurricane damage can be confusing. Some people may not know their insurance may also cover damages to homes, cars and businesses.

Do You Qualify?

If you’ve suffered wind storm, lightning, tree damage or flood damage from a natural disaster that’s occurred within the last two years, and your insurance company failed to pay you adequately for the damages, you may qualify for a free evaluation of your insurance claim. A lawyer can help ensure maximum payouts for other natural disaster insurance claims — at no added cost.

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Insurance fight worse than the damage

Insurance companies are infamously known for not cooperating with natural disaster victims. One Lousiana man, Tyler Collins, told Louisiana television station KPLC dealing with his insurance company was worse than dealing with the hurricane itself. He said he went through 27 adjusters with six companies before getting his lawyer involved.

“They just cause way too much: the anguish, the frustration, the everything, every bit of the step of the way. The hurricane was child’s play compared to what the insurance companies are doing to people.”

A couple shared with The New York Times that a storm caused damages of $150,000 to make their house livable again, but their insurance company paid them just $60,000 in damages. Many victims said that claims took months or even years to collect appropriate claims to rebuild their damaged property. Louisiana lawmakers addressed the litany of complaints, including slow or no pay or “radio silence” they heard from their constituents after Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta. They said they would try to pass laws to protect consumers better.

Insurance companies slip in new limitations

The fact is that many people do not understand their insurance policies and hope for the best if and when the time comes that they need it. Insurance companies are taking advantage of that ignorance, some argue.

According to the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), among the strategies invoked by some insurance companies is to slip new limitations into the policy but not adequately inform customers. The CFA recommends contacting an attorney if claimants feel they have been misled in that regard. 

“Almost all wind-damaged homes have homeowners policies covering wind, but insurers have been steadily increasing hurricane wind coverage deductibles and imposing other, sometimes draconian, homeowners insurance policy limitations, said J. Robert Hunter, CFA’s Director of Insurance. “This shift of costs to consumers under homeowners insurance policies may take some by surprise since disclosures of coverage changes are often buried in renewal paperwork that consumers may not understand or even read. 

Join a homeowners coverage denial case investigation

If you’ve suffered wind, flood, lightning or tree damage from a natural disaster within the last two years, an attorney can help ensure that your insurance company will pay the maximum for your claim.

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