Guest editorial: Here’s our chance to bring better leadership and better solutions to Summit County


I was raised by two educators who deeply valued civic engagement. They taught their children to participate in their community at every level— from volunteering to running for local office.


Because of their example, I grew up believing that if I wanted my community to improve, I needed to do my part and contribute. It’s what inspired me to run for office in 2008 and how I earned my reputation as one of Utah’s most effective lawmakers.

I spent ten years as a Republican representative in the Utah House. While in office, I dedicated my time to protecting Utah’s economic stability, developing proactive solutions to the housing shortage, and bringing local leaders together to find solutions for issues like clean air and energy independence.

From the moment I took office, I committed to building common ground with legislators from both parties and having the hard conversations needed to get things done. This commitment helped me accomplish things many people considered impossible, including becoming the first red state to pass a resolution on climate change.

Today, Utah faces a series of challenges that can only be addressed with proactive, productive, and effective leadership. Utahns everywhere, but particularly in Summit County, face a severe housing shortage, and local companies are struggling to find enough employees to run their businesses. Reckless government spending, high inflation, and bureaucratic regulation are hurting Utah families.

We need better leadership in Washington, not six more years of the same partisan bickering and obstruction. Since taking office in 2011, Mike Lee has done little to improve the lives of Utahns or Americans. He has enacted only four bills while in office, two of which were renaming a building.

He is known more for his inflammatory antics than his actual accomplishments and is often the sole Senator to vote against legislation that would improve the lives of his constituents. Lee was the only person to vote against The Opioid Crisis Response Act, The ALS Disability Insurance Access Act, and America’s Water Infrastructure Act.

I did not decide to run against an incumbent from my own party lightly, but Utah families deserve better. They deserve a champion in Washington willing to work for results, not personal gain. I was that champion in the Utah House, and I will be that champion in the U.S. Senate. I hope to earn your vote in the Primary Election on June 28th and look forward to working with all Utahns to bring better solutions and better leadership to Utah and Washington.

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