Well-Paid Maids Discusses Workplace Flexibility With The Department of Labor


On June 23, U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh and business leaders met to discuss a timely topic: flexibility in the workplace.

Amongst the panelists was someone you may be familiar with: Aaron Seyedian, owner of Well-Paid Maids here in D.C.


Of course, many workplaces are remote or hybrid right now, but a cleaning company like Well-Paid Maids requires in-person work, so Aaron provided insights on how he provides flexibility for employees.

For one, Well-Paid Maid employees can work flexible schedules. This was true even before the pandemic. For example, a Muslim employee takes Friday off for prayer. Aaron also allows flexibility for child care. During the summer months, some parents move to part-time schedules so they can spend more time with their kids.

“It sounds mundane, right?” Aaron said during the panel. “You tell your employer when you can work. But in a lot of blue-collar industries, it’s not respected.”

Aaron sees these flexible policies as an investment in his employees. For instance, when an employee moves to part-time during the summer, that’s technically a net loss for the business, since he’s providing benefits to a part-time employee. But this time off boosts workplace morale and increases retention. It pays off for the rest of the year, he explains.

Aaron approaches employee benefits by asking: What has the most material impact on employees? What will put money in people’s pockets when they’re in a dire situation?

That’s why, before D.C. enacted its paid family leave policy, Aaron provided 100% paid employee disability insurance. As a small business, this wasn’t easy, but he felt it was an essential step to take care of employees.

His final call to action during the panel? “Any expansions that can be brought to the social safety net, that’s a boon to workers obviously but also small businesses that no longer have to try to recreate pieces of the welfare state within their own four walls. That’s a huge support.”

You can watch the full discussion on YouTube.

In the meantime, the best way you can support a small business committed to making a widespread change in the care economy is to book a cleaning with Well-Paid Maids online.

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