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To the editor:

A recent opinion letter (July 8) lit into Seth Moulton, up for re-election for Massachusetts, 6th District Representative, U.S. Congress. No specific details are given to explain the ire, mostly complaining, e.g, not doing anything, open borders, and city crime rates. And of course there was the obligatory name calling. It seemed the author was not happy after attending an online meet-and-greet, and stated that Mr. Moulton does not do his job. To my way of thinking, meeting with your constituency is a primary part of being a representative. But Rep. Moulton has a fine record as well.


There’s not enough space to respond to each of the mash-up of grievances, instead, I’d like to point out some of Seth Moulton’s accomplishments, which I find remarkable in a divided Congress. He has sponsored bipartisan legislation enacted into law, including: Faster Care for Veterans, three-digit National Suicide Hotline, Government Travel, and ALS Disability Insurance. Congress has before them now two newly sponsored bills: American High-Speed Rail Act and the G.I. Bill Repair Act, which would finally recognize and restore long-denied benefits to black veterans of WWII. He’s been strong on veterans issues, environmental issues, health care, banning military assault weapons sales, LBGTQ equal rights, and immigration reform.

Generations of Democrats have led the way on workers rights, access to affordable health care, Social Security, civil rights, just about everything that affects the average family. Just today, the Democratically-led House passed a bipartisan bill to expand health care to veterans exposed to burn pits. In fact, the House has passed numerous bills in the 117th U.S. Congress. All this is a matter of public record and is easy to find. Instead of name calling, grousing about generalities, and finger-pointing, we need to engage our brains and take actions.

Our problems, coming out of a pandemic, dealing with Russian hegemony in Ukraine, supply chain issues, crumbling infrastructure, global warming, and many other deeply concerning issues require nothing less than our full attention. Yes, we do need tolerance, and somehow we must come together so that Congress and the president can come together with solutions. It’s all at stake for our planet, country, and future generations.

Iris Doucette,


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